Solar powered audio oscillator

This site is dedicated to George R. Frost, (Bell Telephone Laboratories) author of the 1961 book, From Sun To Sound. (Bell System Science Experiment No.1 demonstrating the conversion of solar energy to sound). George joined Western Electric in 1922 and Bell Labs in 1943. He was project engineer in 1946 in the development of a cell phone system for railroads, and was the first person to use such a system transcontinentally from a moving vehicle (a train trip from San Francisco to New York). His accomplishments and contributions to education are notable.

This was my first exposure to real science, (transistors, solar cells, the electrical structure of matter, classical and quantum mechanics) and sparked a life long fascination with science, especially electronics. Here is the solar powered oscillator as I built it in a radio case.

(c) 1961, Fifth printing, September, 1965 (117 pages)

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