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Cincinnati Enquirer, featured editorial (10-23-1979)
SWORCA Digest 1975, articles (1975)
P/L 1 Computer Software To Print Signs ( c 1977 by David Sligar) Download the PL/1 program source code as .pdf file.
FINANAL - Financial Analysis Software for Contractors Work In Progress ( c 1982 by David Sligar)
TRS-80 Micro Computer News, article (March, 1982 and July/August 1982)
The RAINBOW, The Color Computer Monthly Magazine, article (January 1984)
Geocities educational website, Magnetic Levitation - Science is Fun (1999-2009) Magnetic Levitation - Science is Fun
What is a magnetic field? Does a magnet slow time? Download the article as .pdf file. ( c 1999-2010 by David Sligar)

11,000. feet, 18 degrees F.

From the mountain top, I can see clearly.

K2 5500 ski bottoms

From the canyon wall, it's a long ways down.

From the top of Angels Landing, the cars look like specks.

Paradise found - Havasu Falls.

Levitation out of paradise.

All photos copyright by David Sligar.

Lore of the Caverns, Goochland Cave map

An intuitive exploration of relativistic quantum magnetism.

Some science photos by the author

Magnetic Levitation - Science is Fun

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