Antimatter, Time Travel, Teleportation and more!
More fun Science topics & links
What the airlines never told you! (Or, fun with geiger counters)
ABC's of Nuclear Science (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
The Particle Adventure (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Physics Questions People Ask Fermilab
Waves or Particles (Fermilab)
Zero Point Energy (Fermilab)
Is Antineutron the same as Neutron? (Fermilab)
Physical Science Timeline (Bell Labs)
The Vega Science Trust (videos, including Richard Feynman on QED)

Time travel
Cesium Atomic Clocks (U.S Naval Observatory)
Time Travel - PBS NOVA
What is General Relativity? (equation from PBS NOVA Time Travel episode)
General Relativity (University of Illinois)
Quantum Time Travel (John G. Cramer)

Quantum teleportation
Quantum Teleportation (IBM)
The Quantum Physics of Teleportation (John G. Cramer)

Breaking the light speed barrier
Tunneling through the Lightspeed Barrier (John G. Cramer)
Slowing light to 17 meters per second
Light (Fermilab)
The Radiometer (The Bell Jar)

Atom Laser / Bose-Einstein Condensation
Atom Laser (MIT)
The Atom Laser (John G. Cramer)
Bose-Einstein Condensation (MIT)
Bose-Einstein Condensation, A New Form of Matter (John G. Cramer)

Nanotechnology (Ralph C. Merkle)
The Nobel Prizes
The Alternate View columns (John G. Cramer)
Richard P. Feynman (Bill Beaty)
Albert Einstein Online
American Institute of Physics - Exhibit Hall
Exploring and Collecting History Online (Echo)
NOVA Online Previous Sites by Subject
Physics 2000, journey through modern physics (University of Colorado)
Lindsay Publications
the Bell Jar
The Hubble Constant (NASA)
Big Bang Science...exploring the origins of matter (PPARC)
Darwin Awards
SETI@home (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

Earth science and nature
Mount St. Helens volcano cam - live picture (USGS)
Old Faithful Geyser webcam - live picture (NPS)
Science pictures
Real Time Weather Data for Meteorologists (UCAR)
Today's Space Weather
The Butterfly WebSite
National Center For Science Education - Exploring the creation/evolution controversy
Americans United For Separation of Church and State
Dry Dredgers

Electronics for the experimenter / hobbyist
Ramsey Electronics kits
Mike's Electric Stuff
Don's Xenon Flash and Strobe page
The homebuilt LASERS page (Mark Csele)
Tesla Down Under (Peter Terren)
Software Spectrum Analyzer by Spyro Gumas & Blueberry Technology, LLC.
Levitation business for sale by Spyro Gumas & Blueberry Technology, LLC.
Levitating World Globe, a look inside
Magnetic Levitation - Science is Fun
Solar powered oscillator experiment, Bell System Science Experiment No. 1
Speech Synthesis, Bell System Science Experiment No. 3
Electromagnetic field meter
Text to speech synthesis online (Bell Labs)
The Xtal Set Society
Tesla Coils (Bill Beaty)
Electrostatics (Bill Beaty)
Robert J. Van de Graaff's High-Voltage Generator at Round Hill (MIT)
Van de Graaff Pelletron charging chain
Nuts and Volts Magazine

Overunity Research
Attempts to break the perpetual motion barrier

The Joseph Newman story
Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices (Patrick J. Kelly)
The Quest for Overunity (Jean Naudin)
The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman
Weird Science other websites Free Energy (Bill Beaty)
Overunity Updates (Stefan Hartmann)

Links to other science links sites
Weird and Wonderful Science (The Apothecary's Drawer)
Science Hobbyist (Bill Beaty)
Amateur Science (Bill Beaty) (A science news site)
SciCentral gateway to science news sources
Fun Science Gallery - Amateur Scientist Sites
New Scientist
Yahoo! Science: Physics
General Science Journal

Magnetic Levitation - Science is Fun

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