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As a child, I discovered I could levitate a ping pong ball on a stream of air from the output pipe of a vacuum cleaner. This is similar to optical levitation of a glass bead in a laser beam (pressure from photon recoil instead of an air stream). It has been calculated that every second, the Earth is struck by about 4.5 pounds of light (PBS NOVA, Einstein Revealed). I hope you enjoy the many exciting ways to levitate objects.

Levitation News Items:

The Lexus Hoverboard: It's here. (August 5, 2015)
The Lexus Hoverboard: The Story.

Levitation product from Halitron and, videos and funding effort on kickstarter.
Direct Measurement of the Formation Length of Photons (ScienceDaily, Feb. 28, 2012)
Superconductor Quantum Locking levitation and suspension video (
Richard Feynman is asked: What is the feeling between 2 magnets? He fails to mention photons in this 1983 video.
Classic 1959 Magnet Laboratory film with Francis Bitter
A great collection of levitation videos
New Book: Rising Force: The Magic of Magnetic Levitation by James Livingston (Harvard University Press, May 2011)
IBM shows that Magnetic Domain Walls have mass. IBM press release
Congratulations to "frog levitator" Andrey Geim on his 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.
Many levitation videos can be found on YouTube. Frog levitation and levitation from below videos are cool!
Scientists levitate mice. (Live Science) Original article published online 9-6-2009 in journal, Advances in Space Research.
Artists levitate Obama over Metropolis.
There is an interesting article on Space Elevators in the September 2005 issue of Nuts and Volts magazine.

Levitation topics and links
What is a magnetic field? Does a magnet slow time? (4-2-2010) or Download as .pdf file. Get your copy now!

Abstract:What is a magnetic field? Does a magnet slow time? An intuitive exploration of relativistic quantum magnetism. Links Einstein's relativity and Feynman's sum over histories (path of least time) interpretation of quantum mechanics in examining the nature of a magnetic field and it's time altering effects. Black holes, event horizons, and relativistic effects are discussed.

Review: "In a nutshell, virtual photons create the magnetic field observed from a permanent magnet, with the Feynman diagram ending back to the magnet." - Anna V. (March 8, 2012, Experimental particle physicist, retired, Greece)

Levitating World Globe, a look inside
Tethered wrench levitation
Revolution & Wheelo Junior toys
Frog Levitation (Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Magnetic levitation stand and circuit (Barry Hansen)
Magnetic levitation kit or fully assembled. (Guy Marsden)
Magnetic levitation kit or fully assembled. (Zeltom)
Diamagnetic levitation between bismuth metal plates (Simon Quellen Field)
Diamagnetic levitation demonstration device (Martin Simon)
Diamagnetic levitation using silver (David Fiedler)
Diamagnetic levitation using graphite (John C. Lahr)
Magnetic Levitation projects (Peter Terren) (Rene Deroussent)
Magnet levitation over spinning hard disk drive (Mike Harrison)
Levitation melting of aluminum (Jonathan Mestel)
Levitation melting (Ameritherm Inc.)
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Florida State University)
Boeing MagLev speed record 6,121 miles per hour (Boeing)
Levitating a 1/2 ton superconducting ring (Columbia University & MIT)
Resolving Individual Magnetic Flux Lines (University of Oslo, Norway)
Superconducting levitation and suspension movies (University of Oslo, Norway)
Meissner effect levitation (University of British Columbia)
Colorado Superconductor Inc. demonstration kits
Magnetic levitation and suspension patents
Maglev page links (Bill Beaty)
Magnetic Disc Levitator (C. Wayne Macleod)
Magnetic field particle theory (Joseph Newman)
Maglev train accident
Wavicles (William H.F. Christie)
Do quantum particles have a structure? (T.S. Natarajan)

More Magnet and Magnetism topics & links
Do permanent magnets emit virtual photons - (Physics - Stack Exchange - electromagnetism)
Magnetism News - (insciences organisation)
The magnetic sun (NASA)
The exploration of the earth's magnetosphere (NASA)
Real time images of sun storms (SOHO)
Magnetic fields as solar sails (Washington University)
Portrait of an Atom (Kenneth Snelson)
Zeeman Effect (CERN)
Basics of NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance)(Joseph P. Hornak)
Magnetic resonance
Magnetic levitation demonstration (University of Wisconsin)
Magnet Man - Experiments with magnets (Rick Hoadley)
Repel a flame with a magnet (Exploratorium)
Repel a grape with a magnet (Exploratorium)
Floating & braking a magnet with eddy currents in copper (Exploratorium)
Force between magnets as a function of distance (Exploratorium)
2000 years of magnetism in 40 minutes (Paul Doherty)
Relativity in your television (Paul Doherty)
How to build a magnetometer (NCEMO)

Levitation by sound, light, water, and electrostatic pressures
Ultrasonic Levitation in Air at 20 kHZ (Nihon U, Japan)
Optical levitation (Petter Hagburg)
Levitation by water pressure of a 10,518 pound granite sphere
Electrostatic levitation (Exploratorium)
Wimshurst Static Electricity Generator (United Nuclear)

Gravity modification - antigravity links
Lifter kit you can build (Information Unlimited)
Lifters you can build (Jean-Louis Naudin)
Boeing tries to defy gravity (BBC NEWS Science-Nature)
Antigravityeffect measured? (European Space Agency)
Gyroscopic Antigravity?
The rise and fall of gyro-gravity (John G. Cramer)
Anti-Gravity (Bill Beaty)
The Master Key (L. Frank Baum)

Antimatter, Time Travel, Teleportation and more!
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Book recommendation: The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. "Matter and energy warp time". The Grand Design is a very pleasant, easy to read introduction to the ideas of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics that are discussed in the paper, What is a magnetic field? Does a magnet slow time?


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